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 Item# NE-001 Signature Necklace(s) @ $200 View Details

 Item# NE-009 Silver Coin Necklace(s) @ $48 View Details

 Item# NE-008 Gold Coin Necklace(s) @ $48 View Details

 Item# NE-002 Chunky Chain Necklace(s) @ $78 View Details

 Item# BR-001 Chunky Chain Bracelet(s) @ $68 View Details

 Item# BR-007 Silver Toned Signature Coin Bangle(s) @ $38 View Details

 Item# BR-006 Gold Toned Signature Coin Bangle(s) @ $38 View Details

 Item# EN-005 Silver Plated Signature Charm(s) @ $22 View Details

 Item# EN-004 Gold Plated Signature Charm(s) @ $22 View Details

 Item# BR-003 Silver Plated Multi-Charm Bracelet(s) @ $148 View Details

 Item# BR-002 Limited Edition Signature Charm Bracelet(s) @ $250 View Details

 BowTie Cause Bow Tie(s) @ $100 View Details

 iPhone Case(s) @ $15 View Details

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