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Fits Any Budget

Unlimited Participants. Unlimited Donors.
2-day implementation.

In a hurry? On a tight budget? Get THE industry standard at an accessible price.

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Medium to Large Established Events

Unlimited Participants. Unlimited Donors. Low Switching Costs

Perfect for larger or growing campaigns and events. Capped costs. Custom design. Integrates with over a half dozen industry standard payment gateways. Includes SWEET Score™, the industry's only Social Web Tracking System. Mobile web version available. Complete feature-set.

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Large Multi-Event Campaigns

Perfect for national and multi-chapter events. Unlimited registration and donations. Multiple administrative levels. Customized reporting dashboard.

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Premium Quality Software That Costs 60% Less

Unlike our competitors, SWEET costs less every year that you use it. While your event revenue increases, your software costs decrease. Your organization can save over $30,000 over 5 years using SWEET! No matter how much you raise,our fees do not increase.

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