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We are experts in developing web solutions for nonprofit organizations. In almost 10 years of working with nonprofits around the country, we have become familiar with the typical challanges that they face and built targeted customized software to meet their objectives. Building on this experience allows us to deliver a more robust offering at a lower price point.

Below are some of the solutions that we've worked with our clients to develop in response to some of the recurring needs we've seen.

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Customized Content Management Systems

We work with your organization to provide a content management tool that meets the exact requirements of your organization. Blue Sky’s CMS is simple to use and flexible where your organization needs it to be.

Gala Event Sites

Many of our clients who use SWEET ask us to create sites for their other events. Blue Sky’s Gala Event Web sites provide your organization with a way to make an impression with sponsors, sell tickets online, and administrative tools to manage your event. Link to Seeds of Peace, Gildas Club.

Golf Tournament Sites

The hardest part about running a charity golf tournament is getting people to attend. Ultra-flexible and totally customized, Blue Sky’s Golf Tournament Sites are designed to maximize participation. Individuals can form groups that others can join. One person can pay for the enitre group or the people in the group can pitch in when they register or pay by check. So no one has an excuse and everyone can attend.

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