Our clients raise millions of dollars and reach thousands of new supporters using SWEET, our flagship product for pledge event fundraising.
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who uses our products & services

We've worked with non-profits of all sizes, from start-up all volunteer grassroot efforts to global non-profits, and for a variety of causes, from political to humanitarian to disease related charities. What unites our clients is that they are looking for an easy, effective and affordable partner to help them understand and solve the technology challenges they face. No where is this more clear than with our clients that use SWEET, our online pledge event software.

about our company

Blue Sky Collaborative is a privately held Boston-based company committed to building the best web-based software products available in order to help non-profit organizations live their mission, achieve their goals and make the world a better place. Blue Sky Collaborative was started by people who understand the non-profit world. Our clients are our partners and we begin everyday excited about the work we are doing together.

90% retention rate

We work hard to help our clients succeed. In a recent analysis of organizations using SWEET, 95% of them meet or exceeded their fund raising and donor participation goals. Over 90% of the clients who work with us continue to work with us on other projects or events. See some of our recent SWEET clients.

passion for process

We believe that process is instrumental to outcomes. In software this means working with you to undestand your needs, creating a clear roadmap for our work together and ensuring communication at each step. Our experience and passion for process allows us to facilitate technology projects so that they are simple, predictable, successful and (dare we say it) fun.

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